Most of the week I have been working on making (slow) knitting progress on things that don’t make interesting subjects to write about. They are all works in progress with little photogenic abilities. So, here is a list of random thoughts on crafting and organising:

1. My chart holder. I love working with charts, especially for lace projects. One of those could cost a fortune in specialty stores, but I made mine with a 99 cents board, and a moving loop made of a piece of trim held together at the back with some elastic band. The rest is done by post-it notes, to indicate pattern details.

2. I think I ‘ve mentioned before Sunny’s fascination with my bamboo knitting needles. Look what she did to one! Chewed it to the point it broke. If I wasn’t worried she ‘d hurt herself I ‘d just give it to her, but as it is, this poor needle has been withdrawn from service for the time being. In case of need, however, it can be used – but not as a dpn- with a rubber band at the broken end.

bad kitty…

3. I love the new fabric squares I ‘ve been collecting recently:


yellows and oranges
(complete with kitty paw)

4. Lastly, I had read that a piece of flannel will work as design board for quilting, as the cotton will simply stick to it if pressed. I had never tested it, until the new squares arrived. So I pulled out the only flannel sheet we have, and stuck a few squares on it.

It works!