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Have I mentioned how much I hate sticking wires to my (new and wonderful) camera and computer and downloading photos? I don’t know what bothers me so much. Is it the minimal effort of finding the wires, which usually are within arm’s length in a drawer? I can’t really tell. But I have a feeling that if my computer had one of these slots where you stick the memory card in directly I ‘d do it more often. Or maybe I ‘m just saying that because my computer does NOT have one of these slots, so it’s safe to complain.

In any case, today I ‘m all about making lists. (“today?”!!). So here’s what I did today on the crafty side:

1. decided on the pattern of the next 2 bags I want to make. I have recipients in mind

2. made a drawing of an image I ‘ve been holding in my mind for several days now. It is what I consider already my favourite spot in my future house. In this beautiful daydream, I am curled up knitting on a cosy sofa, looking at the lit fireplace (indeed!), and looking out the glass panes on the door to my left. The white fence shields me from the neighbours, and all I can see is the rain falling. In the grey light my plants and potted herbs are shining and bright green. — Of course I have no photo of this. Believe me, your imagination is doing a much better job

3. paid bills. (o.k., this is not crafty, but it had to be done, and I had to mention it)

4. cooked an ingenious combination of what needed urgent use in my fridge, and I ‘m quite pleased with the result. Fried onion and bacon, added broccoli and carrots, then orzo (κριθαράκι), water, salt & peper, and some tomato sauce. Boil for 20-30 min., turn fire off, add cheese.

As for the photo of the day, I ‘ll go with the usual moto: ‘When In Doubt, Post Kitty Photo’

Who wants her photo posted today?

I do! I do!


It’s been busy, to say the least. And stressful. And exciting. Did I mention busy?
L. got a job. A good one, but kinda out of town. So, yes, it’s been busy, and now he ‘s working on settling down, and this little Greek is working towards moving bit-by-bit to one of the Athenses of America (I know, I know…).

In fact, new location is a lovely place, and I can’t wait ’til things work out so I and the kitties join him. It won’t be for a while, though, and for now I ‘ve got no pictures. Let alone that I have not knit, or sewn, or crocheted anything. Not one stitch. Of any kind.

However, since my evenings are going to be considerably quieter and my weekends considerably busier, I will see if I can try to change my blogging routine, and write on weekdays, perhaps more often. It’s not a promise, or a rule. Just an idea. However, quantity tends to be going against (questionable) quality, so certainly no promises on that respect!

And because a post can’t be without a photo, here ‘s proof of Sunny trying to steal my camera

It’s getting close to bedtime. Ray is on t.v., and the cats have each picked a spot to sleep on the bed, barely leaving any space for me. So what’s a girl to do, but pick up some knitting and get back on track! Stay tuned, non-existing readers!

I made another bag. It’s becoming addictive. After a few months the idea forms in my head, I plan every detail (it does go faster if I draw it out, actually. Much faster), and then I have to have it, no matter what. This time I thought of what kind of bag I ‘d like to carry, instead of looking at the fabrics and see what catches my attention. The result is much tamer, and suited to my daily moods

There is a big back pocket in the same brown fabric with beige trimming (both acquired during my last trip to Cleveland)

Inside, as always, the usual phone and metrocard pockets.

I ‘ve already used it for a couple of days, and it works for me very well. Next time I ‘d make something similar, perhaps I ‘d put more outside pockets, and a it could be bit bigger. It is still Purrfect as it is, though, and I ‘m very happy with it. L says it reminds him of a Buddhist monk’s bag, and although I don’t see exactly why he says that, I like the image of me going around the city in a Buddhist monk’s bag!

Talk about exaggeration! After a 2 weeks break ‘out of town’ and a week of jetlag and intense heat, yesterday under the influence of 31.5 C I wondered “will I ever feel like knitting again?”…
Thankfully, today my question was answered (in the positive, followed by ‘of course, silly’) just by a drop of 4 degrees (C, always).

It is a glorious day today, and I am contemplating picking up unfinished projects. Being very dilligent, and not even thinking of starting anything new.

As there are no progress photos, here are some of what kept me busy recently.

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