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Life is slowly getting back to a rhythm. So I started my Saturday morning in very much the way I like. In list form, here is how it went:

  • I was waken up at my usual, ungodly 6 am by three hungry kitties, who don’t understand the concept of weekends and sleeping in (ok, this part I didn’t quite like)
  • I daydreamed about future crafty projects, still in bed, with the (now fed) abovementioned monsters hovering around me for snuggles. This hour has always been my most creative and productive time, be it for crafty, academic or life ideas
  • Read a bit from my favourite book. It didn’t help me go back to sleep, as I can never go ‘back’ to sleep, but it did put me in a good mood
  • Made coffee, and a wonderful discovery: Oreo cookies taste really yummy dipped in hot coffee. Just be careful, as the hot drink saturates them MUCH faster than cold milk – 1-2 seconds are enough, or you loose your cookie! (for milk I count to 6)
  • Curled up on the sofa and made some progress on one my current wip’s

Faithful to my finishing mood, I am not starting any new projects unless the current ones are finished. Here are some progress photos, at last

1. Wooly hat for brother, intended for Christmas present (aren’t I commendable, starting so early?!). I ‘m planning to line it with some flannel, to keep away the cold Dutch wind

2. The Beachcomber Tunic (link at sidebar)

All knit parts have been finished long ago, but I had some trouble with getting gauge on the crocheted parts. I ended up using a 2.75 mm hook, as the suggested 3 mm was too big for the knitted part and it looked funny. I am very pleased with it now

3. Finally, some finished objects. Two pairs of wristwarmers, made with one skein of Noro Big Kureyon. I was impressed by the fact that the stripes came out so well coordinated – I didn’t plan it! They also are intended as Christmas presents

The thumb openings are simple 5-stitch buttonholes, based on a friend’s suggestion. At first I wasn’t sure if I ‘d like it, but now I do, and planning to make a pair for me as well using this, much cosier thumb opening. Thank you, Sachi!


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