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Reading back on my Alphabet posts they remind me of primary school essays. That may have something to do with the time of day that I write them, or the lack of interest in talking about myself. Didn’t take that long, did it? Truth is, I ‘d rather talk about knitting and sewing (and occasionally the cats). This structured and ordered sequence of self-imposed topics certainly did not stimulate my creativity. I am impressed with all those people who manage to do it, with much grace and perhaps little effort, but I am obviously not one of them.

No problem with that – I have a list of projects that I ‘ve been working on for a long, long while. I don’t know how this got so out of hand, as I never had more than 2-3 projects simultaneously. Longer projects, though, would reach a point where I ‘d be too tired to work on them at the moment, or I ‘d be watching some fancy Japanese or Indian film where I ‘d have to keep my eyes on the subtitles. Then inspiration would strike, and I ‘d start something new before I knew it. So here ‘s the list of unfinished projects:

1. brother’s grey hat (90% done)
2. Beachcomber Tunic (65% done)
3. Granny Squares blanket (15% done)
4. Lizard Ridge blanket (80% done)
5. Red Sweater (destined to become 9 balls of yarn)
6. blue-green socks (15% done)
7. Noro Clapotis (30% done)
8. Dots bedspread (15% done)
9. red skirt (perhaps destined to become pillowcases?)

The funny thing is that I really want to finish all these projects, and use them. So I will try my best NOT to begin anything new, except the occasional bag (I may need my instant gratification fix every now and then) until I bring the list down to two projects, one of which should be portable. I plan to start with those that are close to finishing, so I can knock them off my list – because that’s what us experienced listmakers do. Wish me luck!

Good luck, Katerinaki! Here, I ‘ll hold on to those until you’re done!

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