One of the errands that is rather unpleasant, as it is so time consuming, is going to the post office to pick up parcels. It is ironic, as receiving parcels should be something fun, shouldn’t it?

Well, in our case it takes half an hour of walking through boring streets, waiting for at least 20 min. to be served, and walking back. There is no bus going that way, and the postman never, ever, ever brings parcels to our door.

Imagine my frustration today, knowing that I had to pick up a parcel that wasn’t even for me, and the contents weren’t even going to be interesting to the recipient. Sad…

Luckily, I came across a new (?) craft store on the way to the post office, that also carries a small selection of Save-A-Thon fabrics. I just had to go in and reward myself with a little treat:

Three yards of fabric, and

some felt pieces to play around with applique!