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December 2008 was so hectic, I just realised I forgot to take photos of half the projects I made for presents. Nevertheless, here ‘s what made it into my camera:

1. Fabric collage notepad decoration. They are Moleskin notebooks with blank pages, and were given to a very talented person. Here’s to them being filled with lots of creative ideas and future projects.

2. I don’t actually have a photo of the finished project, but this is a progress shot for an idea my brother had: it is a bag filled with beans, attached on a solid top. It is meant to be an adjustable-shape coaster for use on the sofa or other uneven surface.

I made two on an experimental basis, and he kindly left them in the living room for a few days, so we could use them and get some feedback. There are a few ideas for the pattern’s improvement, but all in all I think they quickly became popular around the house!

3. Another series of criss-cross coasters, this time made with a bunch of Japanese squares I bought on e-bay.

They are one of my favourite projects to make – I ‘d say I ‘m addicted to them. Luckily, they seem to be quite popular, which makes me very happy, because even though it seems like I ‘ve given a set to pretty much everyone I know, I hope that nobody will mind if I give them some more in the future (for a different table, perhaps?!)

I also did a lot of knitting (and unravelling) over the holidays, while sitting around with my family. More on that when I get some photos.


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