I am behind in project posting, but I ‘ll try to catch up faster than the finished objects accumulate. The first thing I have been wanting to mention is my failed attempts to knit a scratching post for the kitties.

In 2002, when the girls were just kittens, I had made them a scratching post out of a pole, a heavy base and all wrapped in some cheap carpeting.

It was a big success – note how young Sunny is here! Still hadn’t grown into her ears!

After a couple of years, the post was totally torn, and therefore ineffective for its purpose.

It stayed in storage for a while, until I thought I ‘d try to knit a tube and felt it, using some bright orange and hot pink yarn from stash. When it was ready, I rubbed catnip all over it, so as to jumpstart its reintroduction into their lives.

As soon as it was presented to them, L woke up Skid and brought her over for a test run.

Things seemed to work well.

But, alas! it was the catnip… After the first day, no kitty claw was laid on my felted post. My feelings were kind of hurt. All this work, and for what…

Luckily, I had a plan B:

Filled with unused clothes from my closet, it keeps the air out of the HUGE crack on our entrance.

As for the kitties, they will have to continue to use the floors for their pedicure, until I buy some carpeting again and give them just what they want, how they want it. Spoiled…