It has been raining on and off lately, spring marking its presence with rain and cold.

Having been too busy to finish any fabric project, I decided to break my silence by showing photos of breakable things around my house.

I bought this glass drop at the little shop in Historic Deerfield last fall. It’s been looking out my window ever since.

Colored glass bottles and jars are also something I enjoy looking at. I particularly like to see the light reflecting on or through them.

These three have a Middle Eastern feel in my mind. The tall bottle reminds me of a minaret, making me nostalgic of old-style skylines.

No post is complete without a kitty presence. The girls have two sets of bowls for their dinner. These, complete with kitty smiles are everyone’s favourite. I like them for the design, they like them because they are the perfect shape, keeping the softie in but not cramping their whiskers while they eat. Win-win!