Last Christmas I asked for, and received, a lovely ironing board cover. Unfortunately, it was much smaller than the board I use at home. Fed up with the once-beautiful-now-dingy one I have been using for years, I decided to take action.

Here’s what I did for making my ironing board cover.


  • enough cotton fabric (acrylic would burn, not a good idea) to cover the length of the board
  • 3 metres elastic band, about 1 cm. wide (it should be about 2/3 the circumference of your board)
  • 1 safety pin

1. place board on top of fabric and cut around it leaving a generous border to cover the sides and the folded tube for the elastic band.

2. fold and iron about 2 cm. around, and sew along all edges, leaving a small opening for the elastic band. Be sure to leave enough room around the corners for the safety pin+elastic band to go through. If fabric looks like it will fray, you may want to secure the edges with a zig zag stitch before folding.

(accept assistance from volunteers)

3. once the tube is ready, use a large safety pin to hold on to one end of the elastic band, and push it through the tube all around. Be sure to hold on to the other end, so it doesn’t disappear inside the tube.

Once you have both ends come out the opening, tie a knot or sew the ends of the elastic band. Now you can “wear” the new cover over the ironing board like a hat. The elastic band will keep it in place, and keep the fabric stretched. You can keep the old one underneath, for more cushioning.

Done! Now you can enjoy ironing again!! 😉

Here are the Before – After pictures.