The weeks and weekends have been flying by so fast lately, I barely had time to notice. As for crafting, other than an ongoing raw silk cardigan that isn’t much to show for at the moment, there has been very little.

I did make a little collage, though, which I added as a cover for one of my notebooks. I have a long line of notebooks, for all kinds of uses, that make my bag very heavy sometimes, but fulfill my need to write down pretty much everything that is worth recording (and then some). I made this a while ago, when the weather was still rainy and cloudy, and it seemed that all I could think of was rain. I do like the end result, though.


Can’t say the same about this sad little pouch I sewed, and then embroidered. I wasn’t particularly inspired that day, but felt like doing some stitching, and that was the result. I admit it is pretty sad, and therefore I wouldn’t dare giving it to anyone, even as a gift I ‘d beg them to have. No worries, though: a girl always has need for zippered pouches, so I have no doubt I will put it to good use.


For something more refreshing, now that the weather has eventually graced us with the heat I so crave, here are some ice-lace photos. It is easy to get this effect: just take an ice cube, throw some salt on it, and watch as it melts and creates its own shapes. Fun!



Finally, last Saturday we went to Holmes County, OH. It was a nice day, with heavy storms alternating with bright sunshine, and the scenery was lovely. Here ‘s an action shot of cute horsey taking the family places.