My posts are out of synch, as always (I blame the camera wires, but it really is due to busy work weeks). So, last weekend I was out of town again, enjoying the last summer weekend of the year. We walked around a lot, picked flowers, saw protective bulls (behind the safety of an electric fence!), and made a lovely, colorful dinner with organic veggies.

In knitting news, I finished a pair of socks for a friend (it took me almost half a year — why? no idea…) and started another one, this time for me.



The most exciting news in the yarn-related world, however, is the wonderful discovery of 3 cabinets designed to hold yarn, in a flea market. Of course I don’t have enough yarn to fill all 3, but I am sure I can modify some of it to hold fabric. My yarn will have its own house, at last!