I was sick last week, and although most of the time felt too tired to even knit, I managed to make some good progress on the twin baby blankets.


I assembled the girl’s blanket (ladies first!), and I am ready to assemble the boy’s. Seven helped lay the pieces.


Next comes the border for both, a good wash, and they ‘re ready to be presented to their mummy.

As for today, feeling a bit stronger, I decided to make onion soup. I am not sure if this is the right way to make it, but I fried 3 small onions until they changed color, put them in a crock-pot, added some salt and water and left them to their own devices. They are still cooking, but I feel optimistic.


Another, not-so-fun, task I got out of the way was to wash all the vegetables L brought yesterday from the CSA. I generally don’t like washing vegetables as I cook, and I admit that sometimes I won’t use something because I can’t be bothered to wash it. Talk about laziness… Having everything washed immediately makes such a difference for me, it is definitely worth it.

I usually fill a big bowl with water and dip, swish, and rub everything in little batches, then pull them out and transfer them, still dripping, to a colander next to the bowl. I change the water often and shake the colander well to get rid of as much water as possible before I transfer them to their containers for storage.


In kitty news, Skid decided today to look super cute, and I couldn’t resist taking photos. Come to think of it, she always looks super cute. I guess the camera was handy today…