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How negligent of me to not mention my latest finished object earlier! After *only* six months (including summer hiatus) and lots of procrastination due to indecision over certain aspects of the cardigan, my not-quite-February Lady Sweater is done (Ravelry link).


The yarn is Ella Rae Shibu in some beige colorway with specks of gold. I really like the feel and smell of the silk, and the drape of the finished fabric is really luxurious. I am very pleased with the outcome, despite the adventures in getting there.


First off, I began with an effort for a half-hearted knitalong of making the Lady February Sweater, the popular pattern designed by the talented Flint Knits. As soon as I began the lace part, I had re-discovered two important things about myself:

1. I do not enjoy participating in knitalongs

2. I do not enjoy knitting lace patterns, or any other pattern that involves counting and paying attention, for that matter.

So I changed the pattern to a simple stockinette stitch in place of the lace, and hoped the end result would have a rustic look that I felt fitted the texture of the yarn.

The next obstacle also related to my lack of counting at crucial moments, resulting in a rather tight cardigan. I was able to save it thanks to recent fashion loopholes, by putting just one button on top.

Speaking of loopholes, I just crocheted a chain, attached it to the one front, and then sewed the button where it made sense for it to fit through the loop. Easy, simple, effective.


Overall, I am very happy with it. I learned some valuable lessons, was able to put previous knowledge into practice, and created a finished object I enjoy wearing.

And in case you missed the kitties, here’s a photo of Sunny sleeping in my closet. I like to blame their love of digging in there for the “Tower of Pisa” tendencies of my sweater piles.



It is fall, and as always all my thoughts revolve around red, orange and yellow things: leaves (of course), and food, and the warmth of fire, suddenly appealing again.

A couple of weeks ago, I had 2 hours to kill at a mall. I was with my nephew, and neither of us had any desire for window shopping or spending money. So we invested in 2 steaming cups of mint tea and a pile of books at Borders, and had a lovely time of silence. I managed to go through all this pile, and learned many interesting things in the process, like how hoods are knit into a cardigan, and how to make certain quilt patches that seem hard but are made in an ingenious way.


I also had a lot of root vegetables to play with, and came up with a meal of 3 side dishes, all complementing each other (no main dish). I found an excellent recipe for Garlicky baked butternut squash from All recipes. We made it without cheese (because we didn’t have any), and it was still very tasty. I also mashed sweet potatoes and yellow potatoes, with their skins on and lots of grated garlic. It was a very yummy meal, perfect for showcasing our new square dishes.


Even the buns looked orange.


Last Monday (which I had off from work) we went up Bear Bare Mountain. It was a lovely walk, and we were rewarded with soothing views from the top.


I walked along with a very nice woman I had just met, and we had a nice, easy hike talking about this and that. I liked looking at the familiar images through her eyes. She is an artist, and made visual comments I had never thought of, such as the fact that this little fern looks like a forest seen from above:


I also took a walk down the bike path, which was more yellow than red, but still beautifully dressed in its fall look.


Looking out the window, my view is now all shades of grey and not much else. It is nice to think of all the color from the previous weekends.


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