How negligent of me to not mention my latest finished object earlier! After *only* six months (including summer hiatus) and lots of procrastination due to indecision over certain aspects of the cardigan, my not-quite-February Lady Sweater is done (Ravelry link).


The yarn is Ella Rae Shibu in some beige colorway with specks of gold. I really like the feel and smell of the silk, and the drape of the finished fabric is really luxurious. I am very pleased with the outcome, despite the adventures in getting there.


First off, I began with an effort for a half-hearted knitalong of making the Lady February Sweater, the popular pattern designed by the talented Flint Knits. As soon as I began the lace part, I had re-discovered two important things about myself:

1. I do not enjoy participating in knitalongs

2. I do not enjoy knitting lace patterns, or any other pattern that involves counting and paying attention, for that matter.

So I changed the pattern to a simple stockinette stitch in place of the lace, and hoped the end result would have a rustic look that I felt fitted the texture of the yarn.

The next obstacle also related to my lack of counting at crucial moments, resulting in a rather tight cardigan. I was able to save it thanks to recent fashion loopholes, by putting just one button on top.

Speaking of loopholes, I just crocheted a chain, attached it to the one front, and then sewed the button where it made sense for it to fit through the loop. Easy, simple, effective.


Overall, I am very happy with it. I learned some valuable lessons, was able to put previous knowledge into practice, and created a finished object I enjoy wearing.

And in case you missed the kitties, here’s a photo of Sunny sleeping in my closet. I like to blame their love of digging in there for the “Tower of Pisa” tendencies of my sweater piles.