2010 came with a reminder of life before computers, as mine broke within the first week, and work has been so hectic I haven’t had time to catch up with barely anything. Blogging from borrowed computers means no photos in this post too. This is just a quick note to say I ‘m still around, and hope things will be back in order soon.

In knitting news, last night I took a deep breath and unravelled most of my Francis, as it had come out too big. I was in some sort of ostrich-type denial and kept going, but now I know it was the right decision to rip-rip-rip.

I am also knitting a new blanket, with a very fluffy yarn I got for Christmas. The colors are great, just what you ‘d need to wrap yourself into for a cat nap. It satisfies my need for mindless knitting, and I am sure the cats will love kneading on it once it’s done. They already go for it while it still is just a big ball of yarn!