Knitting is slow in the house of carpal tunnel victims. It is an interesting hiatus, as I am still thinking a lot about it, and like to plan my next steps, whenever I am ready for them. Meanwhile, it has given me the courage to unravel things that don’t work out – my destructive fingers are itching for the second sweater! For the optimist, it is not work going to waste; instead, it is more room in the closet, less self-recrimination in looking at what is practically a mistake, and more yarn for a new project! Triple-win!

My trusted cell phone has a decent camera, so I decided to recruit it for a new blogging experiment I have been contemplating for a while. Since not much knitting will be discussed in the near future, I may as well try the 1 photo + short caption of daily life posting, which seems to be a little trend developing. Our need to share with strangers the mundane details of our lives never seizes to amaze me!

3 people + 6 chopsticks + a compromise in spiciness = a great way to spend Sunday afternoon