Another week gone, and with little work at that. What with the mental health Monday, and the snow day, and another Monday off ahead, it is being a good 10 days for me. For which I am grateful. Indeed, the house looks just a little bit tidier (let’s not overdo it, folks), Seven is ignoring me (a good sign, compared to yelling and/or clinging), and my knitting includes a tiny FO and considerable progress on the top part of a cardigan.

Unfortunately, although I am supposed to be working on developing a better relationship with my camera wires, at the moment the camera’s battery is charging, so I can’t show the latest photos of abovementioned FO. Not today. So, rambling about winds and waters it is.

I think I have mentioned before how my personality fits perfectly the top-down construction of sweaters. What I am reminded once again, now that I am almost finished with the armhole-shaping increases, is that once the fronts and backs are joined, and the sleeve caps made, it is all downhill – my favorite! I like knitting without much planning, and even more putting the hard parts out of the way at the beginning of a project. Otherwise I tend to be constantly thinking about it, dreading it, wondering if I am on the right track, all of which take away some of the joy of knitting. So, here’s to the versatile top-down construction, and to this great book, that helps me figure it out.

But a post is not a post without at least one photo, even if not fresh out of the camera. So, here ‘s 7 contemplating life in a sea of incomprehensible human symbols on favorite brown chair. Isn’t my girl so pretty?!

Speaking of waters, here ‘s another photo, taken on the day the waters were at their holiest:

Θεοφάνεια 2010