Seven has a drinking problem.

She loves water.

Loves it, with a passion.

Everyone in our household finds out sooner or later that it is a bad idea to leave their water glass unattended, because Seven will tip it. She ‘ll try to drink from it, but if she can’t reach she ‘ll stick in her paw and lick the drops and then she ‘ll tip it, so that she can drink out of the spilled water. Bad kitty!

Today, after years of trying to get her to understand that she shouldn’t be doing it, I came up with another idea. I brought 2 glasses, one short for her, one tall for me. A drink for her, and a drink for me.

It worked. She went straight for the short one, drank to her heart’s content, and left my own water alone. Hurrah!

Initially, I felt so proud of myself for finding a way of ‘tricking’ her from drinking out of my glass…

Or did I just prove that cats CAN train humans, if only they keep trying to teach them?

Are we now drinking buddies?

ps. This photo is not staged: Only the Cat Knows really IS the book I am reading now! And enjoying it very much!