The sun was shining, we knew weather would take a turn to the worse in the next few days. The time was ripe for buying a new bicycle. The used bikes store had many options, but I immediately fell in love with this superb specimen. Add a front-loading basket, and off we went for the first ride of the year.

We arranged to meet with some friends, and decided to ride down the sparkling path all the way to the bridge over the river. The path was really sparkling, the wind was warm and fresh, the light soft, the view exquisite. We crossed the bridge and had some dried cherries and some wine, chatting and enjoying each other’s company. On the way back we stopped at a farm store and got dinner ingredients (asparagus alfredo over linguini. yum!)

I hear plans being made for today’s bike ride, involving stops for a snack and a beer. I love my new bike, and all the adventures it will lead me to!