Every now and then I get the urge to embroider something, anything, on anything. This time I satisfied my craving by making simple designs in natural-color linen that I then cut into pieces for making zippered pouches. I ended up making 3, and have already given away 2 of them. I can’t seem to resist giving zippered pouches as gifts, to whoever comes across my radar as potential recipient.

I  forgot to take photos of the others before I gave them away, but I enjoyed making them so much I may make the same designs again. I managed to remember this one at least.



On a different note, I rarely talk about clothes here, or in general, because my sense of fashion is rather basic and underdeveloped. I like wearing things that are comfortable, warm, and soft, but am too shy to actually wear them in public, so most days I end up with the unimaginative jeans and t-shirt. I would like to be daring enough to wear either of these 2 outfits, for example.