Just as we were busy making modern bibs here, my mum happened to open a box of old linen, and guess what she came across: more bibs!

These are much more delicate, labor-intensive and skillful, just as one would expect of handmade bibs from… when? We are not sure who made them, but they are probably from the early 1900s. My mum thinks they used the one above for her, and she herself may have used some for my older brother, for special occasions.

Honestly, I am glad they were not used on me. Given my – now openly declared – underdeveloped sense of fashion, I am sure that even as a baby I would have been frustrated by all this elaborate and attention-drawing paraphernalia.

Being on the safe side of having to wear one any longer, though, I am only too grateful to have the chance to see the superb craftsmanship of my ancestors, a taste of history, fashion, and love handed down to the next generations.

Thanks mum, for taking and sending these photos!