Ever since I was a kid I have been making notebooks out of anything that looks pretty. Over the years, the process has been simplified. At the moment, all I use is some paper, a stapler and a pretty paper or cardstock for the cover. As an obsessive listmaker, I have many uses for little notepads in my bag, but don’t necessarily want to carry the weight of full pads for each type.

These are the ones I am currently using (one for doodles, one for financial notes, one for my to-do lists). They are part of a series I make regularly at work, using recycled paper and unused photocopies of maps we make for patrons, and for whatever reason they get thrown away.

The main thing about these is that all the materials are picked up from the recycled bin. Colleagues keep an eye for, and put aside for me any pages of mostly white paper from the printer. In fact, on Earth Day I made a batch and we gave them away to anyone who wanted one. The color ones are made from a super cool map of Berlin, which ended up very popular indeed!

Lately at home I ‘ve been  throwing away lots of junk, in a very time-consuming but liberating spree of cleaning.  Today I made a big batch of new notepads, once again using stuff that would have ended up in the recycling bin otherwise.

Here is the New York Subway map series:

And here is the South American 2007 calendar  series.

Of course, they are too many to use all by myself, so they ‘ll go into the pile of potential spontaneous gifts. If you see something you like, leave me a comment and I ‘ll contact you, to get your address so I can mail it to you (unless you live in Greece and know me personally, in which case you ‘ll get it in person next month or so!)

e.t.a. Based on this recent article at the New York Times, the subway map notebooks are soon to become collective items, as new maps will begin circulating next month. Time to stop throwing away the old maps and make more notebooks?!