I don’t like waking up to an alarm clock. If I need one to wake me up, it means I need more sleep, and sleep is sacred to an insomniac. In any case, I rarely get to that, although I set it on every day. Because I have 3 live, interactive, furry and cute alarm clocks, that take turns in making sure I don’t oversleep, even in weekends.

The kitties morph into sharks from 6 am., circling the bed, jumping on the pillow, meowing and (in Skid’s case) tossing things off my bedside table, to ensure their timely serving of breakfast. More often than not, they get their way.I ‘m a pushover.

And then, what? If anyone is still in bed, they ‘ll come and do their duty, snuggling and helping out with the sleeping in. If not, however, they disappear like magic, and even if one tries very very hard to find them, it may take a while. Even in the diminished space of our apartment at the moment, it is impressive how hard it is to find not one, but 3 cats.

Most of the times. On a rare occasion, someone’s razor-sharp attention to detail will fail, and a little hint will give her away…