I am back from my break. It was a nice vacation, not only from work, but also from pretty much anything that I do regularly. One needs such breaks, so regular routines feel like old friends when you get back to them.

On my flight back from Greece, I managed to take some lovely pictures of these amazing mountains over Germany. I have been looking for such an image of layered mountains for a while, and was glad to be able to capture it so well despite the photo being taken from the airplane window.

Getting back to the usual routine, also meant getting back to sewing. For starters, I shortened and mended a dress I bought from a street seller some time last month. Here’s a photo of the end result, in the midst of my messy workroom!

p.s. The kitties LOVE the scratching post. It is the first thing they go to, to stretch and scratch, every time they come up from a nap. I think they haven’t touched the sofa ever since we bought it. Could it have been that easy?!?