Last weekend we went swimming at a small pond nearby. Another of my “discoveries” of well-known places I had not known before.

Swimming in fresh water felt funny – much different to what I know, but still fun and refreshing despite the muddy bottom of the pond. I admit that stepping on the rather slimy ground wasn’t enjoyable, but since there was no fear of sea-urchins or other dangers lurking below, I didn’t mind it all that much.

I did enjoy how far you can go with one stroke, and most of all the fact that you can see trees above your head while you swim. That was a real treat! Some people were jumping from the top of that rock in the photo above, but that seemed to add extra work to the unfortunate grounds guard, who had to come and tell them it is not allowed. Lots of splashes and laughter was the overall verdict.

Swimming in a small pond still pales to swimming in the Mediterranean (tough competition, I know), but doing so for longer than the initial surprise would only take away from the experience itself in its own right. The truth is that I had fun, it was refreshing and relaxing, and I am certainly planning to do it again as soon as I get the chance!