Skid very much likes small, confined spaces where she can feel safe, sit and gaze at the world outside. Come to think of it, who doesn’t? People-and-cat-watching seems to give her a deep satisfaction and inspire her to contemplate life.

She also has an appreciation for music many Music 101 students would envy. Not only does she brave the loud sounds of improvisational jazz sessions whenever they occur in our household (which can be quite often), but she can’t get enough of drum brush massages. She always comes out of her hiding spots, no matter how deeply she may sleep, whenever she hears me whistle a tune. Christmas tunes are her favorite.

When in a particularly studious mood, she enjoys a good lie-in among the books, especially if on top of them is a picture frame wrapped in an old fleece shirt, soft and cushiony as if just put there for her private enjoyment.