Do you remember being 4, and wanting to be bigger, taller, older? I do!

My best friend in this exiting trip was a growth chart. It was red and yellow, made of glossy paper, and it had Disney characters on it. I remember putting it together from an offer in 2 or 3 issues of a magazine (I think we missed part 1, and said chart was incomplete at the bottom). It had space to put one’s photograph in, but we never put one in. For years after I outgrew it, it was still hanging inside my closet door, with measurements of me, my brothers, and my father (who usually did the measuring, and it had to be accurate, no cheating.)

After a series of baby gifts, I am now thinking of their older siblings, so that nobody feels left out. I was very excited when I saw the photo of a lovely growth chart in i heart linen, presented by its talented creator here. I don’t buy the magazine in which the pattern appears, but the photo was enough to inspire me with the burning desire to make one NOW!

Growing up, older, and taller can be exhilarating, and marking one’s progress somehow adds to a sense of accomplishment – even if all one has to do is wait, and learn how to be patient. I hope this chart will contribute a little bit to the life of its lovely recipient.

As for me, I had so much fun making it, I am already raking my brain for who gets the next one!