As I was digging through the frozen section for a bag of falafel, I came across a dream come true. My favorite food at home, spiral cheese or spinach & cheese pies, was innocently sitting in one corner, waiting to be noticed. It is the first thing I ask to eat every time I get home, and the last I have before I leave. I could not believe my eyes (and the unreasonable level of happiness this generated in me)! I used the last of my cash to buy one (the store doesn’t take plastic), and literally run up the stairs and into the kitchen.


I was a bit worried that the availability of the pies here would ruin the magical experience of only having them at home, but I was rewarded with a rather bland version of what I expected. Like everything else, the immigrant version of food is a pale imitation of what things taste like at home. Needless to say, this made me even happier – this way I can have my occasional fix when I feel nostalgic (of just hungry?), but secure in the knowledge that nothing I can find here tastes like home.

In other news, I am planning to spend the weekend sewing. This is what I made last night, while pseudo-Greek pie was being cooked.