As part of a project I am doing with some friends for another friend’s baby, I had to come up with the challenging task of making an applique design for a specific building. The hardest part was to simplify the image enough so that it could be conveyed in just a few pieces, but still make it (sort of) recognizable.

So here is what I did:

I found a photo of the building, printed it and then experimented with tracing the most prominent lines into solid shapes.

I enlarged the photo to a size that would be in the right scale for my project, and then traced it again, simplifying the shapes even more.

At this point I also tried to determine what colors to use. Based on the photograph, I chose darker colors for depth.

I cut the paper into the basic shapes, and used them as templates to cut my fabric pieces.

I laid them out on the background fabric, and appliqued each piece, using thread that matched the top fabric.

Done! Not too bad, for a first try!