I believe that most people who celebrate Christmas exchange their family gifts on that day – however, our family always exchanged presents just after the New Year rolls in. It might be because my parents could do with an extra week of shopping, or just because it would be a 50- 50 % chance of following one or the other tradition in Greece. Either way, I am definitely making use of the extra week to finish my handmade gifts, and the few purchases I am planning.

I am very fond of this timing. It just makes the end of the year a culmination of excitement and joy, and lets the New Year begin with a series of positive rituals. It also saves Christmas from the consumerism of gifts, something which I am definitely not fond of.

Since I am still keeping things secret, then, the crafty update will have to wait a few more days. All I can show for now as an update are the Christmas-tree ornaments I made for this year – stuffed wonky stars (yes, they are all wonky, my technique has not improved much since my first try) and a few stuffed birds.

Enjoy the best, most laid-back, festivity-laden final week of the year. Let 2010 go out with a bang!