pot holders, originally uploaded by listmaker.kat.

Now that the holidays are over and all gifts have been opened, I thought I ‘d talk a bit about what I made for my family and friends. These are pot holders, of which I made 3 pairs: 1 for our house, 1 for my parents, and 1 for my brother, who recently reorganized his own house as well.
I like the idea that all of us will be using the same pot holders, giving us the feeling that we are connected despite the fact that we live in 3 different countries.
The fabric is a gift itself, from a dear friend who hand-delivered it from India. For a while I was too much in awe of its beauty to cut into it, but I think I made a good choice in this case, and the end result is pleasing me on every account.

ps. Trying to figure out blogging straight from flickr. Please be patient…