Sometime in November, when I was away from my sewing machine and supplies but with plenty of time with nothing much to do, I started embroidering on pieces of linen, using what little I had nearby. That turned out to be embroidery floss and a piece of a bright orange/yellow silk from India, gifted by my brother. It was too precious and fraying to do much with it, so I cut a thin strip and used tiny pieces as the source of my inspiration.

At first I wasn’t sure what I ‘d do with what I made, I just felt the need to make them and so I did. It was later, after I bought my new love: pinking shears, and a bunch of Moleskin notepads and monthly calendars, that I put the two together.


I ended up cutting up and attaching many of the embroidered pieces on the covers of these notepads, sewing them at first and using glue after my sewing machine went on strike. Although in principle I ‘d rather sew these covers, the end result was better glued.



I really enjoyed every step of the process of making them, from the freedom of inspiration-driven creativity without ultimate plan, to the notepads themselves. I think I ‘ll make some more!

ps. I hadn’t realized that the photos I took of them were so blurry, and now it’s to late to take better ones. Sigh!