My bag is like a bottomless pit with numerous pockets. Yet, I never, ever look inside my bag. I find everything by just sensing things – this takes some fumbling on occasion, but I am okay with that.

One thing I don’t want to fumble for are my keys. To ensure easy access, I use a simple strip of fabric with two loops, one at each end: one loop for the key ring, one for any type of holder that would easily take it on and off the bag, if needed. This way, all I have to do is pull out the keys, unlock the door and throw the keys back in. No fumbling. The keys never leave my bag either, which means I won’t be locked out since unless I leave the house without my bag (not gonna happen).

One of the Old Projects in the infamous basket was a bunch of these strips I had began making a while ago. My previous one was all torn, so I thought it is about time I finished them. One more unfinished project down, 14(-ish) to go!

I made several, so if anyone wants one, please leave a comment and I ‘ll mail you one.