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Make a blanket out of them, and snuggle with it!

I sort of followed instructions found in the Cashmere Patchwork Quilt tutorial by Instructables. I used 5 sweaters of relatively the same weight, and 1 full skirt I had cut up for re-purposing, made of a very thin gauze fabric. I had to add a small patch in one corner where I run out of fabric, but I think it looks nice this way. I reinforced the seams with fusible webbing, and it was the first time I ever used iron-on webbing. I liked it, especially as it made sewing the two layers together much easier, and the blanket does feel more sturdy after sewing twice over each long seam.

Would I make another blanket like that? I think yes. I do have more sweaters to use up, and of course more always come around if one is looking for them. There are certain parts in the process which I wasn’t very pleased with, such as the fact that the knit fabric would stretch and then end up either ruffly, or doubled-up in parts where I was attaching it on the cotton backing. I also messed up quite badly on the border binding, but I ‘m not showing you this!


Lots of Aries in my life, it seems. We celebrated 4 birthdays, all for family and close friends. Some, those who were close, got presents. I made a padded phone cozy for a friend who makes very good use of her iPhone, and was in need of something special for her loyal device. Her favorite color is this pale, pale blue, so I didn’t have to think too hard for what color to choose.

But this is already old news, from the previous weekend. Today is a gloomy and chilly day, in contrast to the glorious sunshine we had the last 2 days. I am coming down with a cold in its first stages, so each time I swallow I can feel a scratching pain in my sinuses. Fun times! Nevertheless, the day began with  conscientious snuggling by the kitties, and tea drinking while listening some old songs of Medieval Babes. And if the weather improves and I feel okay, I may even ride my bike to my favorite destination, the duck lake at the end of the swamp.

Two days ago I watched a very handsome duck playing in this spot. He would fly in a straight line, land and let himself slide as far as he could, like a surfer. He was having so much fun, I wished I could join him!

It is L’s b-day weekend, and as the surprise element of his gift I made some improvements in “his” bathroom. Use of quotations because he shares it with 3 felines who are rather territorial, so the poor man is outnumbered. In addition to a new shower curtain, I made an applique bath mat to match.

I used some white cotton fabric for the base and a batik fabric for the splat, and filled the sandwich with an old towel. It was a good use for that old towel! For the splat, I drew a template on tracing paper, and then transferred it to the fabric. It was a fun project, and I like the end result a lot, so I think I ‘ll make a matching one for the other bathroom. I may even write a tutorial for it, since it will be the second time I am making it.

And here ‘s Seven, testing the quality of my workmanship. Or trying to drink from the spilled water. After all, we all know about her drinking problem

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