It is L’s b-day weekend, and as the surprise element of his gift I made some improvements in “his” bathroom. Use of quotations because he shares it with 3 felines who are rather territorial, so the poor man is outnumbered. In addition to a new shower curtain, I made an applique bath mat to match.

I used some white cotton fabric for the base and a batik fabric for the splat, and filled the sandwich with an old towel. It was a good use for that old towel! For the splat, I drew a template on tracing paper, and then transferred it to the fabric. It was a fun project, and I like the end result a lot, so I think I ‘ll make a matching one for the other bathroom. I may even write a tutorial for it, since it will be the second time I am making it.

And here ‘s Seven, testing the quality of my workmanship. Or trying to drink from the spilled water. After all, we all know about her drinking problem