Make a blanket out of them, and snuggle with it!

I sort of followed instructions found in the Cashmere Patchwork Quilt tutorial by Instructables. I used 5 sweaters of relatively the same weight, and 1 full skirt I had cut up for re-purposing, made of a very thin gauze fabric. I had to add a small patch in one corner where I run out of fabric, but I think it looks nice this way. I reinforced the seams with fusible webbing, and it was the first time I ever used iron-on webbing. I liked it, especially as it made sewing the two layers together much easier, and the blanket does feel more sturdy after sewing twice over each long seam.

Would I make another blanket like that? I think yes. I do have more sweaters to use up, and of course more always come around if one is looking for them. There are certain parts in the process which I wasn’t very pleased with, such as the fact that the knit fabric would stretch and then end up either ruffly, or doubled-up in parts where I was attaching it on the cotton backing. I also messed up quite badly on the border binding, but I ‘m not showing you this!