You don’t see it here, but knitting is sitting on my lap as I briefly put it down to take this photograph of a beautiful moment. Lazy morning away from everyday routines, me sitting with my coffee, a lovely book (and my knitting), listening to running water and birds that live so long in the neighborhood we ‘d know them by name if they told us what they were. The day progressed just as lovely, with an impromptu cookout and family gathering, and ended with a new knitter joining the ranks. My first man student, and I am so proud of him for how fast he picked up and how enthusiastic he was!

As for what’s hiding from the photo, I have wanted to share my latest knitting adventures for a while now, but a work in progress isn’t photogenic. Lots of tangled strings of yarn all over the place… messy. And my experiments in making up a pattern inspired by just a photograph (of someone else’s project that was certainly very photogenic!) didn’t seem like a thrilling topic of conversation. So I remain quiet for a little longer, until the quickest cardigan I have knit in years will be revealed. Stay tuned, FO coming soon!