Blank cards, originally uploaded by listmaker.kat.

I don’t usually join in online group activities, as I am aware of my shortcomings in posting consistency. My bad relationship with the camera wires is always an issue…
But this project, “index card a day” (best described by its creator here) was just too tempting! I love index cards, and maybe another day I will show you some of the other uses I put them in. Today, I ‘ll just explain how it is that I adapt the guidelines to fit my nomadic lifestyle.

I travel a lot. Possibly as much as a proverbial traveling salesman. Since I started being on the road so much I realised that traveling makes me stressed in its logistics (get there in time etc.) but I love being on the move, as it gives me time to think and be creative. A bus isn’t the best place to lay out one’s watercolors and draw – and anyway, drawing isn’t what my forte is. I prefer words to express myself. So I prepared a bunch of cards all at once, and my goal is to fill one a day with a list of what makes me happy. If I feel like drawing a new one, or if I am inspired to embellish my cards further, that’s a bonus. I also plan to invite anyone who ‘d like to contribute to my happy list with cards of their own, so I carry a few blank with me wherever I go.

I can’t promise I ‘ll post every card I ‘ve made here, but I will make at least one a day, and as soon as I get the chance I will upload them on flickr, where you can see mine and the group‘s photos. Here’s to a fun summer!