I am lucky, because I like buses. Which is extra convenient since I spend so much time in them lately. I developed this love back in college, when buses represented the freedom of traveling, adventure, exploration. Back then, they tended to be rickety – shaky, full of nosy old ladies that wanted to know my business, with music blasting above everyone’s head through the speakers, playing the driver’s musical choices (which were most definitely not mine).

But buses now, and in the part of the world where I travel, are really easy to like with their clean seats, self-absorbed drivers and fellow-passengers busy with their iPods and smart phones. Hey, some even have free wi-fi, so I can blog in motion 😀

DSC07844, originally uploaded by listmaker.kat.

One of my pet peeves with modern buses, which was never, ever the case 20 years ago in Greece, is the air conditioning. Americans love their ACs, it is a given fact. And I have become quite adept at learning how to avoid them, or counter their negative effects on my system, namely feeling COLD in the middle of an otherwise wonderful heatwave. My travel bag always includes a special blanket, big enough to wrap myself in it and keep warm, but otherwise light and compact. Since it is such a close friend of mine, I made a little carrier case for it, made of some IKEA fabric, just like the ones they used to make mattresses with. At least half our household beds in Greece are covered with mattresses in these – a good omen for good sleeping, in the rocking luxury of modern buses.