We have a metal cart, originally intended for surplus kitchen gadgets, that is now being used to store plants and keep them in front of the window so that they can enjoy the summer sunshine. L arranged them very nicely, but the bottom of the 3 shelves was left empty. In a typical cat-daddy fashion, he prepared a special space for our very spoiled kitties. He put a towel and one of their toy mice in there, so that they know that the bed is for them. As if they wouldn’t go there if the toy wasn’t there… but I thought it was a nice touch nonetheless!

Skid was the first one to sample it, and she seems very happy in there. They all take turns sitting and sleeping there. I love it when we can make more comfy and safe places for them to sit in!


There has been quite a lot of knitting lately too. In about a week I have made a large part of the back and fronts, and half a sleeve of a new summer cardigan. I have to work with a very limited amount of yarn, so I am making the sleeves now before I see how much there is left to make the body as long as it can get. The yarn is Patton’s Silk Bamboo, which turned out to be a very soft yarn and pleasant to knit with. It is hardy, silky, and unravels gracefully.  I am planning to use a hand-dyed silk skein in light blues for the borders, in this improvised, stash-busting project. The color combination makes me think of the sand and the sea. As there will be more sand than sea, perhaps I will call this cardigan Low Tide.