After a long time thinking and allowing inspiration to run havoc in my brain, I had some time to settle down and actually make something. I needed a new pair of pot holders for our new kitchen, and once I got going, it seemed like I couldn’t stop. I made a very long strip of scraps, then cut it into smaller pieces, enough to make 5 pairs of pot holders.

They have all been assigned already, as gifts to friends. I have 3 friends who have their birthdays next week. I seem to have been gathering lots of Libras in my life!

I backed the pot holders with a plain off-white fabric, and used an old towel for filling. There was some more of the backing fabric left over, so I used some leaves as stamps and made these.

I am not sure what I will do with them yet, but I have an idea for the one with the fall leaves that will fill another need for our new apartment.