Yum! excuse me while I munch on these miraculously quick and tasty rolls, the recipe for which I found through pinterest. The recipe comes from this blog, and some additional tips and helpful photos here. Both blogs by two very impressive ladies, who manage all and beyond. If you are bakingly-challenged as I am, you might need all the help there is to create these little wonders.

I am always amazed at yeast and flour, and how they turn to become something so substantial and tasty.

Serving suggestion (i.e. what I just did): taramosalata, tomato and avocado.

4 of these made, but one of them was already consumed by the time I reached out for the camera 🙂

The recipe calls for 1/4 cup of sugar, and the rolls actually came out a little too sweet for my taste (I like my bread savory or sour). I hope that little less sugar should still do the trick of helping the yeast rise, without overpowering the final taste.

ok, I ‘m off, to finish them off. Έχουν μείνει κάτι αμυγδαλάκια…