Remember these two kitties? it was a hint to a pair of Christmas gifts I made, but did not want to show in case my brother, one of the recipients, would wander across the photos (I might be wrong, but I don’t think he checks the blog regularly).

I wanted to make something with a kitty theme, as both recipients are great cat fans. Not knowing how I would proceed, I looked online for kitty images, and this was the one that caught my attention. I traced and enlarged it, and only after I had appliqued it on the white background I was inspired to add the butterfly (my original thought was to add kitty paw prints).

So, this is what came out. I am very pleased with it!

The butterfly movement is the only (hand-) quilted part of the design. For the quilting, I tried a couple of techniques using Japanese thimbles, and I think that by the end of it I had got the hang of it well enough. I like the slowness of the process, and its ability for great precision, and I definitely see more hand-stitching in my near future.

This was the last finished project of 2011, and since then I have worked on and started a number of projects, but not finished any. Several are very, very close to completion, though, so stay tuned for some FOs in the near future!