Don’t you just love new beginnings? The first of the month, Chapter 1, a fresh journal with blank pages waiting to be filled… New Year, of course inspires even the most unaffected of us. I have made my fair share of plans (not quite resolutions), and inspired by the freshness of everything and my co-operating wrists, I started a couple of knitting projects. Won’t it be nice if I cross them all off by the end of February?

  • Mum’s socks (an unfortunate Christmas gift, due to running out of yarn while in Greece)
  • Zefi’s wristwarmers (an excellent travelling project)
  • Blue cardigan (just the button band and sewing in the buttons left)
  • Brown sweater (began in Greece, but goes fast)

I really want to finish all of them soon, as I have great plans for an ambitious long cardigan next (involving cables. Cables mean counting, hence the element of ambition.)

The photo above is not quite relevant to today’s content, but it was a lovely morning moment for me and couldn’t resist taking a photo of it!