One of my favorite (nerdy) pastimes is to find solutions to little puzzles involving having everything I need easily accessible and discoverable. Naturally, the same applies to make up, moisturizer and other self-pampering products. Our bathroom is small, with limited shelf space, but there are enough hangers for towels etc.

These hanging cosmetic bags would do just the trick, as they can be hanged from the loop over a hanger or doorknob. There are narrow pockets at the top for lipstick and other small objects, a large case in the middle, and 1 medium and 2 narrower pockets at the bottom band.

I used some beige and brown fabric for the front, for a muted and romantic look, but I wanted something brighter and happy for the back, as they are also quite handy for traveling when rolled up. Although they are identical on the front (I made 2), the backs are different colors.

After I took these photos, I realized that if the top is not rigid the weight of the products in the pockets would make the bag roll into itself. I solved this by inserting a small dowel at the top, and securing it with a running stitch. Now it works much better! Success!

It was so much fun making them, I think I ‘ll make some more!