Yesterday as I was eating my lunch under a tree, a little leaf landed on my lap. It almost felt like fall, although we have a long way till then, thankfully. I didn’t have the heart to disappoint him, so now he lives among the pages of my notebook. I will have to think of something crafty to make with him!

I also made baked okra for dinner. The little rings look so pretty, all lined up and ready for roasting. It is very easy to make this dish: cut off the tips of fresh okra, and slice the rest in thin rings. Mine were about 0,5 cm. each. Coat with olive oil and sprinkle some salt over them, and cook for ca. 20 min. on high temperature, 450 F. (sorry for the mixed culture measurements here!) You can drizzle some lemon or vinegar after they are done. I had mine with rice and yogurt, and it was the perfect, light meal at the end of a humid day.