Weather has cooled down enough lately, that knitting is back in full swing. I decided to start with a quick project (albeit in 4 parts), and welcome the colder weather to follow with warm feet!

This is my first pattern for socks (of sorts) that is knitted flat and then put together in the end. It was interesting to see it unfold, or rather fold into a 3-dimensional slipper, that only needed a seam along the bottom.
I am planning to make another pair for L., and have matching slippers this year 🙂 Cheesy, I know! I will have to do quite some math to figure out how to make the pattern longer, but I am counting on my experience in making socks more than my math skills anyway.

The pattern, Non-felted slippers, is a free one I saw on Ravelry, but I don’t remember if it is available simply online (sorry). I used yarn from stash. Bulky yarn is called for, but I used just worsted-weight yarn held double throughout the project, and it worked just fine. Both yarns are a bit rough on the touch, which makes them sturdy and somehow very appropriate for something I ‘ll be stepping on. Now I ‘m all set for the winter! Hurrah!