baby hats both

I got this idea that I have to make two hats for the boys ASAP, or the sky will fall on our heads! So I put everything else aside and, thankfully in just a couple of evenings I had my 2 hats. With 44 stitches cast on, it was fast and easy. There is no actual pattern for those, just a 1×1 ribbing hat with a quick decrease for a rounded top. For more specific information, check my ravelry page. I used this great yarn I bought lots of, Lion Brand Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton, which is really soft and makes me happy. As for the size, I used a hat that came in our pile of gifts. I don’t know what size it is, but I erred on the larger size so I get a little more wearing time out of them.

skid with baby hat

The kitties were unimpressed with my success, but after several tries I managed to persuade Skid to model one of the hats for me. She doesn’t look very happy, does she?…

I am now all set to make something warm for boys to wear, like cardigans. I won’t be knitting those, however, not for newborns who will outgrow their clothes faster than it would take for me to make them!