baby kimono green

It is cold out there! So I dug into my stash of sweaters for recycling, and picked a nice green one, perfect for some baby cardigans. I used this tutorial  and included pattern for the kimono, and a version of this for the bias tape. Cutting the pieces and putting together the wool part was quick and easy, but I am not very good at bias tape making, and it took 3 times as long. It was fun, though, and I enjoyed making things that should fit but without the need for them to fit perfectly. I learned a couple of new techniques in this project, which is always a plus. Now I need to make another one! I have the wool part already cut, so all I need is another color for the trim and, hopefully, an improved performance in making and attaching it.

Some details about the bias tape: I used a fat quarter and cut strips of about 2″ wide, and that made almost 6 yards of bias tape (a great deal!) The tool I had bought to fold the tape, however, did not work well at all for me, so I did the whole thing by hand (hence the time-consuming element). Perhaps I should design a bias tape making tool first!