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A tentative return to blogging, as an attempt to keep track of what I do, but mostly to prove to myself that I actually DO create, do make things, do think of creating. In fact, I have made several things in the recent weeks, but since I wasn’t planning on blogging about them I didn’t even bother taking photographs of them. And that bothers me even more, as I often return to photos to refresh my memory of how I made something.

Lately, aside from goofing around with the boys (who are addictive and I give them willingly all the free time they would otherwise allow me to have to myself), and enjoying the cooler weather that brought back the kitties to snuggling with us as soon as they see us at a safe distance from little grabby paws, I have been doing quite some cooking, sewing, and embroidering.

Embroidery in particular seems to help me a lot when I need to slow down my mind, create something fast and get a quick fix of creativity without having to sit down at my sewing machine. It is mostly clumsy stitching and freehand designs, and they fill the bill perfectly.

In an effort to allow more free time for crafting, I have been looking around for recipes of “grab and eat” foods that are still healthy and nutritious. Recently I came up with a couple of interesting savoury muffin recipes, which are a perfect example of this. So yesterday I made these zucchini and cheese muffins (original recipe in Greek, sorry non-Greek readers!) Here, they are sitting next to another quick meal, broccoli & pepper quiche.

In fact, I am so obsessed with this type of food, that it is taking a life of its own (i.e. I just added a new category in my list, as I plan to return to the subject often.) Perhaps a list, next time? What “grab and eat” foods do you go for?


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